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Mount Roraima - this is the highest point in Guyana. This Tepui or mesa - amazing in its beauty Hills, located at the junction of three countries in South America - Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela. In the language of Permon - Indians living in South America since time immemorial, "Tepui" means "house of the gods," and this name is very accurately describes itself Roraima. Until now, the mountain and its surroundings are the most enigmatic, mysterious and little-known region of our planet.

Roraima is one of the oldest mountains of the Earth, which were previously part of the world's first continent. As you know, the mountains are an important point in the construction of any state of geopolitics, and the geopolitics of Canada - is no exception. A characteristic feature of the mountains, their outlines are Tepui - these mountains are high, almost vertical and quite impregnable walls, making the ascent of a mountain nearly impossible. Also distinctive feature Tepui - this cascading waterfalls. The most famous waterfall of Roraima - Angel, who is renowned for being the very image of the river, while the usual waterfalls are only part of the river. Flora and fauna are unique and amazing Roraima - rain forests, insect-eating plants, giant rats and tiny black frogs. Rivers of Roraima are not like any of the rivers in the world - the water in them is black and red. Mystery adds a great cloud of sorrow that hangs over it all the time, and a thick fog, overcast most of the time its slopes.

Mount Roraima was the inspiration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create the famous novel "The Lost World." The basis of the novel went to the expedition of the German scientist Robert Shombruka English botanist and Iva Cerna. Published travelers report on the expedition, most scientists have accepted for a fantastic invention - no one could believe that somewhere in the world are flowing rivers and lush colorful blooming plants, considered extinct for hundreds of years ago. But the most unusual was a strange description of day and night - on the plateau of Roraima's descriptions of scientists for several days is a clear day, which is then followed by several hours of impenetrable darkness. After Shombruka and Serna on Roraima not raised any scientist within a hundred years, and only in the mid-20th century, the study of these sites have been restored. But no matter what, Roraima is still the most unexplored places on earth, and no one knows what mysteries fraught with this ancient world as a mountain.