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House - suitcase

Today I want to tell you about one of Ba small but very interesting hotel in China. If you're going to have a rest in China, then choose this hotel, do not go wrong. Experience will be unforgettable. You will see the main sights and China, and at the same time can brag to your friends that live in the hotel, the likes of which none of them have not even seen. And we just ordered tickets without hotels you easily get to the point where you have to be seen (if you are, of course, book a room in this hotel).

  Дом - чемоданFolding sofas and tables today are nothing new, but in China recently built unusual of its kind. House-bag - a new milestone in the development of the austerity of outer space. It can be considered as a top functionality and concise masterpiece of modern architecture.

Externally, the house-bag is no different from other buildings. But it is notable for its location: it is perched on a picturesque hillside next to the most visited tourist part of the most famous landmark of China - Great Wall - Badaling. This little tech house appeared next to the oldest and most spectacular building of the world in 2001.

The house is a wooden pencil box impressive size, which on the one hand its a bit hanging from the slope, but it was originally thought, because on the side of right is the main entrance to the lower house. Inside the house is a completely empty space with total length of 44 meters and a width of 5 meters. The hotel walls are wood-paneled, that only gives the interior heat.

The question is: where are all the rest? Where the bedrooms and corridors? Naturally, all of this is, in fact actually house a suitcase - a fully operational hotel. Answer all the questions tourists - is a double bottom of this huge bag. House-bag is not really a one-story. Under the floor of his store is all you need simple home: furniture, walls and equipment. All this, if necessary, up and become upright on the gas it stops.

A large number of partitions that are hidden at the bottom, estimated mass configurations, and as a result house suitcase could be brought before the visitors each time in a new guise. "Night" version of this unusual hotel offers 7 bedrooms, but you can have a party, down the walls of rooms. From obscurity to appear at a sauna, a music room, a bathroom and a library.