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City of Cajamarca

Город КахамаркаSumptuous splendor of greenery surprising grandeur and beauty of the city of Cajamarca, which is situated at an altitude of nearly 3000 m above sea level. Its historical roots go back to the ancient pre-Inca era. Here was a center of culture Kaksamarka, the peak of which falls on the period from 500 to 1000 years, n. Oe. In 1465 the Inca Pachacutec government of this territory was annexed to the empire Tiahuanaco (translated as the Four Quarters of the World). Administrative, military and religious center of Cajamarca began in the era of the Incas. From built at the time of temples and palaces, preserved to our time Quart de Reskate. Even in our time, the Organization of American States (OEA) has recognized and awarded the titles of Cajamarca Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Americas and the symbol of the Latin American Unity.

Famous for the city and the fact that it was born Carlos Castaneda, and Jorge Gonzalez. The mountain valley in which the city is very beautiful and picturesque. In this area, the foundation of the economy is agriculture. Just outside the city center stretched the rich pastures, where you can see the cows, llamas, sheep, pigs and other livestock. Local residents are up to that time, national costumes and wide-brimmed straw hats. On the high green hills can often see small groups of women in traditional bright-colored skirts. They are engaged in a familiar work - knit, spin, weave. At the same time going in the most beautiful locations where looking for inspiration for their colorful products. Many generations passed the folk traditions of spinning and weaving to their children and grandchildren.

Pearl of these places are famous in all of Latin America Baile Baños de Inca, which means globeflowers Incas. A special mineral composition of water has a temperature of +70 C. In the past, Inca Atahualpa liked to be with their wives in these natural baths. Tourists have the opportunity to experience the effects of these mineral springs. Guides recommend that while in Cajamarca visit them daily. When the thermal baths operate massage parlors.

Guests amazing place Kumbemayo, which stretches a distance of one hour by car southwest of Cajamarca in the province of San Pablo. Tradition says that the complex was founded in times of prosperity Chavin culture. It merged the extraordinary mystic power and natural beauty. It is no coincidence that the area is called the natural archaeological complex. Huge boulders form a kind of forest. It is not known where they originated, but its unknown order of the human mind boggling minds of visitors. No wonder that here the local curandero commit ritual White Magic. The atmosphere of this area is conducive to meditation. So if you want to meditate and commune with the mysteries of ancient civilizations is urgently looking for last-minute trips to Peru.

Doinkovskaya civilization left is hidden in the rock irrigation canal (Aqueduct). On its territory there are altars for ceremonies and the sanctuary. There are in Cajamarca another unusual location. There are going to sorcerers (brujo) for various rituals.

It affects people's tradition of burial kasamarka, once lived here. One of these cemeteries Ventanyas de Otusko located high in the mountains. In the rock a lot of holes in the form of huge nests. This seated dried using special herbs and tinctures of the body of the deceased. Offers stunning views of the valley, where the descendants live to this day this nation. They believe that their ancestors there, where every day the sun comes.