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Something interesting about South America

Интересные факты о Южной Америке

Quite interesting facts about the existence in South America, the ancient civilization of Chavin, who lived on this territory in the period from 900 to 300 century BC. Basically, the proof of residence Chavin were found in Peru, Chavin de Huanter town at an altitude of 3,176 meters above sea level. These people have been developed commerce and agriculture.

Another ancient civilization of South America - the Inca people. The Incas chose as his capital city of Cuzco in the Andes. Evidence of their highly developed culture of reach for us so far - archaeologists say that the buildings of the Incas, as hotels in Astana, were lined with high-quality stone tiles and are designed with great precision. Historians have found evidence that the Incas were able to do brain surgery. Later, the continent's natural resources have to go to Spain and Portugal, these countries possessed colonies in South America.

Brazil, South American country that gave the world famous and talented actresses - Sonia Braga, Florinda Balkan, Shusha, Vera Fischer, Bruna Lombardi. Argentina became famous for the life of his first lady Maria Duarte Peron Evie. On her love affairs was even filmed English film "Evita," directed by Alan Parker. Country Colombia hosted the 1971 Pan American Games. And in Lima held a beauty contest Miss Universe. A native of South America, Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1982 won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

South America and has created many successful athletes - Robson de Silva, Rogerio Sampaio, Joaquin Cruz.

The land of South America and prolific talent with interesting events, today she lives a more interesting life than ever before. Visit the home of his idols, like the people on the ground of the world - a worthy reason to go there on a trip.