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Inti Raymi - Sun Festival

Inti Raymi - this is one of the most ancient rites of the Incas. It is dedicated to the sun god Inti - the supreme deity of the pantheon. The Indians believed that Inti was the father of their ancestor. In addition, good harvests depended on the mood of the sun god, so in the winter solstice June 24 Incas staged in honor of Inti the largest and most splendid festival of the year. Inti Raymi is translated from the ancient Indian language of Quechua means "resurrection Inti the Sun," and this day was the most important in the ritual life of the Incas. For nine days the Indians had fun, ate lots of delicious food and drinks, dancing and rejoicing.

Prepare for the feast began three days before the solstice: the Incas kept a strict fast and do not stoked the fire. The very same celebration of all their efforts are rewarded - the wealth of treats just amazed. The nine-day festival were filled with parades, festive dances and rituals. In honor of resurrecting sun god people wore their best clothes, displayed their pride - the perfect weapon of warriors. The first day of the Sun god welcomed Sapa Inca - Supreme Leader of Indians and a direct descendant of Inti. To appease the god and secure good harvests during the year, the Indians brought in numerous casualties. Similar celebrations in honor of the birth of the sun can be proud of both Russia and Europe, and Kazakhstan in freight which for centuries made by pack animals whose health depended on the sun's heat and light.

These days, holiday revived. His lavishly celebrated in many Latin American countries, but the most vivid and colorful celebrations are held in the legendary city of the Incas of Cuzco in Peru. Indians from all over the continent come here to take part in a magnificent festival that mimic the ancient traditional festivals. To the crowd goes Capa Inca, whose role does a professional actor, and asks Inti good harvest in the coming year, thanks for the gifts of the past year.