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Maya - wise predictors of Eternity

Long ago the world is a legend that the Maya ended their calendar on 2012 and the end of the world simply inevitable. Thousands of historians and theorists in the field of linguistics are working on the evidence of this fact, and as they thought they succeeded. What really ended in a non-circular date 2012.

What was the cause of this sudden termination of the calendar? Some argue that the Maya knew the date of the outcome of the life of our planet and do not feel the need to further conduct of the calendar. This spirit was reinforced by the fact that the Maya lived in what is now South America, and this is a very good area for space observations. Yes, the question was not what - the Maya were chtiteley status of the stars, but if they had developed the science to such an extent that one could make such a conclusion?

According to another version of it is considered that a seed-round calendar has not even created a calendar and just led like a diary, noting therein all the years of harvests and crop failures. This theory is supported by the fact that the calendar stops the cycle turns in exactly the same year as the Maya disappeared from the face of our planet. Thus, it was shown the frequency of occurrence of the Red Planet in the sky, that is, the planet Nibiru, which foreshadowed the beginning of great troubles. In one of these parishes was not Maya.

Here, too, like it or not and have to accept one fact: Nibiru does exist and is now moving towards us. By the end of 2012 it will already be clearly seen in our skies. To say at this point that the calendar is cyclic and the cycle next to the end is near - get good PR!

The last statement leads us to the conclusion - the ancient Mayan tribe, which has "hobby" to watch the stars, just has not seen fit to type on your calendar year 2012. There's grandchildren grow up and do it for us to say, but in our century is enough! And today, when Amazon was found a stone calendar, humanity has reached in a panic and firmly believes in the Great End of the World 2012!