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The most beautiful city in the world of Rio de Janeiro

Самый красивый город в мире Рио-де-ЖанейроNearly every resident of a large or a small town like a certain extent, his dwelling place, every city is unique and beautiful in its own way. However, there is a city that many consider the most beautiful in the world and this is the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. This amazing city sung in many works of art, dreamed about it a great strategist, and pioneer of Amerigo Vespucci, after landing on the territory of the future of the city, said, "If there is paradise on earth, it is somewhere nearby."

Rio is truly a city of dreams, slow and crowded together, washed with sea water, blown by the winds and at the same time warm and cozy. The city is almost always warm, so throughout the year, people walking the streets in light clothing. Like the rest of Brazil, Rio is huge and many-sided and though he belongs to a country where there are very large in size tropical forests - Amazon jungle, many residents in these jungles have never been, and prefer them to stone, in which live their entire lives.

While in Rio de Janeiro, you can clearly see and feel the social fragmentation between rich and poor (four percent of the population owns half of resources, and every third person living in the favelas of Rio, that is, the slums), all residents are welcome and welcoming. They love to socialize, attend numerous cafes, where you can drink a glass of kayperini (a cocktail with lime and rum) and talk to the fellow or visiting. At the same time in the city almost never see people in a strong drunk, it is not accepted and considered mauvais ton. Perhaps due to the heat-stable, which is difficult tolerated under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, a resident of Rio will prefer to buy a water meter, than an excessive amount of rum, which is a cane tip.

If you are lucky enough to talk with the residents of Rio, you will be able to appreciate their love for intimate conversations. While in the end of the conversation Brazilian will ask you to dinner next Saturday, you know it's only polite way of farewell, not the actual invitation.

In order to understand the beauty of Rio best slowly and carefully walk on the warm, evening city, walk through the center, where almost every building is an architectural monument, drink a little kayperini in the company of local residents, to take a polite invitation to dinner and go to new acquaintances such as in a cafe on the beach to enjoy the view and sound of the waves to understand the words of Amerigo Vespucci.