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Angel Falls is not an angel.

Angel Falls is not an angel.

Name the highest waterfall is translated into Russian as "Angel", but it is not associated with beautiful celestial creatures touching legend. The waterfall is named in honor of the brave American pilot, who in search of a diamond saw is a true miracle of nature. But not opened waterfall Juan Angel in 1930. Back in '10 the 20th century, Ernesto Sanchez la Cruz described the falls, but his story went unnoticed by the international scientific community.

Did not the pilot's story and inspired scientists to visit these remote corners of Venezuela. But a few years later Angel decided to plant his small plane near this waterfall. Landing over the accident, and the pilot, his wife and his two friends had to get to the nearest village for 11 days.

Currently waterfall remains inaccessible. Tourists are invited to make a thrilling flight in a small plane, on board of which can be good in clear weather to see Angel Falls. During this flight, tourists and just fly over the other, not less beautiful waterfalls of these wild places of South America. Just before the falls can be reached by river. Such a journey takes several days. Tourists reach the outskirts of Canaima, settlement being the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the National Park, on the territory of which flows a small river Churun​​. That it falls from a height of over 979 meters tops Auyantepui. Most of the water before they reach the bottom of the abyss, envelops the bottom of the waterfall cloud "diamond" were from water droplets. Discuss and share your impressions of Angel Falls tourists can nutritious dinner during the National Park and then spending the night.
Just certain trace in the history of the falls left indefatigable fighter against capitalist imperialism, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He renamed it the wonder of nature in his latest television program December 20, 2009 in Kerepakupai-measure. Proposed name is one of the local names of the waterfall. Explaining his action, Chavez recalled that the pilot Juan Angel was looking for diamonds in Venezuela, seeking to capitalize on the wealth of the country, and also served as a United States citizen.
Such arguments do not diminish the beauty and grandeur of this waterfall. Due to its remoteness from civilization waterfall continues to lure adventurers and scientists.