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The Lost World of the Incas

Затерянный мир инков

Predictions about the end of the world, pursuing humanity throughout its history, have caused a new round of interest, after the Spanish conquest, of course, the countries of Latin and South America, in the territory of which appeared and developed the ancient Indian civilization.

We can not say that the Incas are known precisely this kind of predictions, however, the mysterious legacy of this ancient civilization does not cease to haunt the minds of contemporary researchers and scientists, curious tourists and leisured travelers.

Sacred Valley of the Incas located on the territory of present-day Republic of Peru - the third largest country in South America. Geographical location and favorable climate allowed the representatives of the ancient tribe of the Incas not only to ensure food self-sufficiency, but also freeing the population from "agricultural" work start to conquer neighboring tribes, forming a great empire Tauantisuyyu.
Perhaps it is this freedom that contributed to the development of civilization and the establishment of its famous temples of the Incas, Machu Picchu, the pyramids, prehistoric astronomical observatory with perfect "devices", irrigation systems, and functioning at the moment ... to explain the emergence, development and methods of construction of these unique objects sometimes can not afford even to modern science. The value of drawing-geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, depicting a human figure, as well as birds and animals are not living on the territory of the Incas, discernible only when flying over the plateau, was and remains an unsolved mystery to mankind.
All these priceless monuments of ancient cultures are located on the backdrop of stunning beauty and diversity of landscapes, the presence of which is due to the geographical division of the country into three climatic zones. Stretches along the Pacific coast of Costa - sandy desert with endless reserves of unique marine animals, a variety of which would be surprised by Darwin himself. In the central part of the country is Sierra - the territory occupied by the mountain range of the Andes. Zone of the Amazon Rainforest - Selva - covers a large part of the territory of Peru. Here, according to the scientists, yet there were places where no man has gone before. In addition, it is the habitat of many Indian tribes, with the manners, customs and culture which can be found directly been a guest of the tribe.