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Costa Rica where they grow butterflies

Коста-Рика где выращивают бабочек

When the Spaniards began to colonize the territory between modern Nicaragua and Panama, they gave a beautiful and bright name of the new country "Rich Coast" or in Spanish "Costa Rica." Modern Costa Rica to its minerals, forests, and other values​​, the required colonists added golden beaches, beautiful sea and amazing plant and animal worlds. Currently, Costa Rica is a real boon for tourists. Here you can sunbathe on and clean beaches, visit the various national parks, which occupy one-third of the entire country, visit museums, where you can explore the unique collection.

Experts assure that it is water seafront of Costa Rica are the most interesting and comfortable for diving. Therefore, almost all year round here going fans of the underwater world. In addition, tourists are invited to take a fascinating walk through the channels in the beautiful jungle between Tortuguero and Bar del Colorado. You can also go fishing, not only in fresh water, but also in the sea.
In almost all major cities of Costa Rica you can find a variety of museums. So in San Jose tourists are welcome in museums of gold and jade, philately and insects, the history of the press and criminology, children's museums and rail, as well as the National Museum.
But the main wealth of Costa Rica for most tourists is nature. It is worth noting that Costa Rica is conventionally divided across amazing mountain ranges, which are covered with volcanoes, blue lakes in craters. In these amazing lakes you can swim.
Very romantic visit to the farm can become butterflies, located in Alajuela. Such industrial relation to the breeding of these beautiful insects explains the amazing love of nature and butterflies.
A paradise for divers considered Cocos Island, alone in the Pacific Ocean 500 kilometers from South America. Another distinctive feature of the island can be considered as a combination of its size and the total absence of the population. Perhaps this is due to the origin of the island - it is a large rock, formed by the underwater volcano, or its distance from the mainland.
A visit to this amazing country leave a bright trace in the life of Europeans, tired of the noise of megacities and standard nature. Plunge into the historical past of mankind can be when visiting various ethnographic villages where the tribes are close to the pre-Columbian level lifestyle.