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Islands of India

India is located in South Asia. This state owns a large area, including a large number of islands in the Indian Ocean. Most of the larger islands have their own self-government. India has a coastline of 7517 km length, about half belong Nicobar, Laccadive and Andaman archipelago is ostrovam.Samymi large Andaman and Nicobar Islands, they are the single Allied territory. It is about 570 islands located within the eastern coast of the state, in the Bay of Bengal. This accounts for 550 islands Anlamansky archipelago.

Суварнабхуми - международный аэропорт Бангкока.

The first thing you see, arriving in the capital of Thailand - a great, almost cosmic building of the airport.
Suvarnabhumi - is not just a wonder of the world, it is also a masterpiece of modern architecture! Until recently, this airport was the largest in Asia. The entire complex consists of only one common terminal (here performed and international and domestic flights), which provides air passengers not leaving the airport building, move to another flight in minimal time.

Культура Индии

For many centuries, the Indian government manages to maintain a unified identity of the nation, even with all the diversity of peoples and the amount of territory. The main influence on the development of a culture of India has influenced the emergence of a large number of religious trends. In the development of a variety of crafts, culinary traditions and art forms contributed supporters Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Пельменный Сиань

In addition to Shanghai in China and there are other cities that are also occupied by the most worthy place in its history. So the city is and Xi'an. Perhaps, above all, this city is famous throughout the country for its dumplings. Indeed, it is in Xi'an preparation of this beloved dishes in China reached a peak of perfection.

Путешествие в Японию

For every tourist, without exception, Japan appears in all its diversity. Travel to this country is always exciting, informative and memorable. It's the birthplace of contrasts, where the modernized high-tech closely coexist with ancient traditions. It is in the Japanese city of the ancient temple, or stone garden can be a few steps away from the chic modern skyscraper. The culture here is interesting, mysterious and unique, it was she who pushes hundreds of people to travel to Japan.

Tsukuba Science City

After Japan's decision to establish a scientific center in the country in 1960, begins the construction of the city of Tsukuba. An interesting fact is that scientists have adopted the Japanese experience, which has been used in Russia in the construction of Akademgorodok in Siberia.

The town was very cozy and beautiful, located just 60 kilometers from the Japanese capital. There are excellent road and straight streets, as well as many beautiful modern buildings. Also in Tsukuba lots of greenery.

Мировые достопримечательности: Япония

Japan, one of the ancient empires of the world kept their authenticity to this day. The history of Japan begins about 700's of BC. Since then, when the country's first emperor and reigned until modern times, Japan is continually evolving and cultivators, being among the most advanced countries in the world remain unchanged only tradition.


Malaysia - one of the most interesting countries throughout Asia, the country is rightly called Soul of Asia. Tourists have something to admire here, because Malaysia is a country that affects travelers with its unique architecture at a glance, here you'll find a large number of monuments, rare animals, and most original forms of transport that exist on our planet.


1. Japan.

Japan - the beautiful and mysterious East Asia, located on the island. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, in the Japanese archipelago, consisting of more than 6,000 islands. Japan - the country of the rising sun, its people first meet a new day, as the sun rises in the east the same. Japan's population totals 127 million people. Japan - bright, beautiful country with its nature, architecture and traditions.

2. The flag and the capital of Japan.