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Mysterious Amazon

Загадочная Амазонка

Amazon owes its name to the tribe of female warriors who attacked the discoverer Francisco de Orellana, stretches 7,000 kilometers, falling into the Atlantic Ocean, forms a huge delta.

More and more tourists nowadays prefer to ride in any city trip into the countryside. Where there is no hustle and bustle, where peace and quiet, where you can be alone with nature and each other.

Very popular among the tourists are the multi-day excursions to the Amazon.
Before such a tour, check their health, because the wet and hot climate of the Amazon forest is extremely difficult tolerated non-indigenous populations. It should be easy to stock up on clothing that will cover the whole body, because a lot of the jungle is not the nicest and safest insects. Without special medical certificate and insurance to the tour does not allow, as far away from civilization, any mistake can turn into a tragedy. Equipment for the journey can be bought on the spot.

Amazon flows through several countries, so there is a variety of tours. Some, especially extreme loving tourists are fused along the river to its mouth - it may take more than a week, especially if the plan is admiring beauty. Some tours are only up to the border of the country, and then has to return back through the air. From a great height breathtaking views of the ribbon of the river, running away into the distance.
A significant part of the Amazon tours take place in its Brazilian part - an alloy of the middle reaches of the river to the mouth. As a conductor, as is usually the case with eco-tourism, are the locals.
Here you can hunt for piranhas or to witness such rare fauna as the pink river dolphin, caiman, iguana and a lot of bright butterflies.
Most of these tours start in the Peruvian city of Iquitos, which for it is called "gate to the Amazon." Going down the river, the route passes through a large section of the river, allowing tourists to enjoy plenty of unique world of this natural wonder of South America.
Every night during the trip you will have the opportunity to admire the starry sky - the Milky Way is seen here at a glance.
Amazon - a river with an amazing variety of flora and fauna, with spectacular views. This is the deepest river of the world, most of which are protected. Travel it will be unforgettable.