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Lost worlds

Затерянные миры

Anyone who has read the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World", knows that his action takes place in the remote jungles of South America. The novel was published in 1912, when vast areas of the continent were almost unexplored and writer, is inhabited by a "lost world" prehistoric monsters, had every right to conjecture. Erase is this "white spot" with the maps was not so easy: rainforests were impassable thicket, inhabited not only ferocious predators, but also warlike Indian tribes, not too hospitable to the white strangers. Prevented geographical research and unbearable heat, replaced by prolonged tropical downpours were dangerous toxic fumes rising from the marshes and reward travelers severe fever.

Nevertheless, in the first quarter of the XX century, a lot of research for "lost worlds" of South America made the English traveler, Colonel Percy Fawcett. He was in the military, served in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and held there for almost 20 years. But in 1906, his fate changed dramatically. The government of one of the South American countries - Bolivia - asked the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain to grant him an experienced surveyor, in order to establish clear boundaries at the junction of three countries - Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. In those places growing rubber trees, which have become the most valuable material after discovered a way to cure the resin. It was necessary to clearly define what kind of rubber this "field" belongs to Bolivia. Selecting Geographic Society fell on Colonel Percy Fawcett. By this time he was already known that explored the central part of Ceylon, before too little-known.

In the area of ​​South America, which is now headed Percy Fawcett, did not happen almost none of the travelers. Channel flows are rivers were mapped only at random, almost nothing was known about the local Indian tribes.

The first South American expedition priests Fawcett was held in 1906 - 1907 years. It was held in the same place - on the border of Brazil and Bolivia.

Since then, Colonel Fawcett five more times went to the jungles of South America.

He then began his journey from the east coast of the continent, from the western and permanently disappeared into impenetrable wilderness. Each of the trips provide valuable geographic materials, and in addition Percy Fawcett was able to explore these amazing places - the vast South American jungle - enough to consider them almost home. He visited many of the Indian tribes, managed to make friends with their leaders, thinking about the heavy fraction of the Indians, being pushed back deeper and deeper into the woods ...

In 1925 Colonel Fawcett began his journey on the 8th. This time he went into the jungle to the Atlantic coast of Brazil, along with two young companions - one of his sons and his friend. Getting from travelers from time to time heard news. The last of them a colonel poisoned together with the Indian, to return to civilized places of the lost away in the rainforest village of Cuiaba. And since then, more about his expedition has not been heard ...

In the end, missing travelers began to look, but none of the numerous expeditions who went in their footsteps, did not give any results. What happened to Colonel Fawcett in the Brazilian jungle, where he finished his journey, unknown to this day.

The time has come, and with a map of South America disappeared last "white spots". This was largely contributed to the study, conducted with the aid of aircraft, and then artificial satellites. And yet, in the jungle still remains a lot of places never gone before.