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21 interesting fact about Uruguay

21 интересный факт об Уругвае

This country is the smallest of all of South America. The distance from one end of the country to the other is only 500 kilometers. Uruguay is washed on one side by the Atlantic Ocean. The state's small, but very interesting.
1) Living in Uruguay are very fond of Russians and always happy.
2) Uruguayans are so hospitable that if you ask them the way somewhere, they will not only tell you how to walk, but also spend a little bit.
3) Outstanding cuisine Uruguay. There is always fresh bread, fresh cooked meats and always fresh juice.
4) The prices in the cafe is very low. You can close out approximately as 100 rubles.
5) Very good development of medicine, with it's free, even for immigrants. Only a dentist is paid doctor.
6) Uruguayans are the most lazy people in the world.
7) Driving drunk is forbidden, but if you get into an accident, it is regarded as a mitigating circumstance.
8) It is very popular among the population mate tea. Each resident carries a mug of tea leaves and tea. And on every street corner there are machines with hot water, so that at any moment you could make tea.
9) Uruguay - a truly civilized country. Each house has free Wi-Fi, a lot of internet cafes. On the road you can see a lot of new buses and cars.
10) The most popular fast food restaurant is McDonald's.
11) This is a civilized country. Many museums and bookstores.
12) In Uruguay officially allowed to grow and use marijuana. At the moment it even taught in universities.
13) The President considered the poorest in the world. The fact that about 90 percent of his salary he spends on charity.
14) After the death of all the people are organ donors. From this can be waived if the life to write a statement in writing
15) the most popular sport - soccer. Upon arrival in Uruguay it is better not to say anything about this sport, because if you say something bad about the other team does not, then you may be expelled from the store or fined.
16) Uruguay - is the first country to provide free of charge for all students netbooks.
17) officially allowed same-sex marriages.
18) Residents of the fair sex like tight clothes. If a woman is large, then the clothes will be very tight.
19) It is interesting that the meat in Uruguay consider only beef. Why do they equate chicken and pork?
20) Houses are carefully protected. This is due to the fact that in an unprotected house can settle anyone. And if he will live there for more than a month, you can arrange a house for themselves. It is legal.
21) Uruguay called "Bank of Latin America"​​, as all senior citizens come to live here. Quiet, calm, little crime. A haven for the elderly.