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Turkey Kemer

Турция. Кемер

Kemer , lying on the Mediterranean coast, has long been considered the most popular and most visited city in Turkey . Pleasant climate , fresh mountain air , pine forests and clean beaches attract tourists to stay in this resort town . We will talk about three things , a visit that will bring you the thrill and pleasure.

Ancient ruins of Phaselis

Phaselis - an ancient town located a few kilometers from Kemer at the foot of scenic Mount Tahtalı . We know from history that the city was built in the 6th century BC and was a trading center. Residents of the city worshiped Hermes - Hellenic god of trade. To this day could only be preserved ruins of an ancient temple , which was built in his honor , the ruins of an amphitheater and aqueduct .

Many tourists rent a bike or moped , independently sent to this city -reserve . Once there , many are fascinated by the incredible picture : Ruins surrounded by pine trees and the sea , a beautiful bay with clear water where you can swim almost alone impregnated pine air. Within the reserve there is no trade stalls , shops and cafes , which gives the opportunity to retire from the city and enjoy the silence in the beautiful scenery . Visiting this place , many tourists do not hesitate to come back here again


Which is located in the park and recreation "Moonlight" , it has a large and well-deserved popularity among tourists. During the presentation of trained dolphins twist hoops, perform tricks , dance, synchronized dive . Sea lions playing with a ball in the audience and draw pictures . After a fun and impressive show representations of emotions long enough , both adults and children. For a fee , anyone can swim with dolphins , play or just take a picture with the animals.


Mountain Tahtalı height 2365 meters, is considered a landmark of the city of Kemer. For lovers of heights and climb the majestic scenery on top of the mountain will be an extraordinary journey . Cableway , built in 2007, according to its extent was the first in Europe. Its length - 4350 meters. Climb to the top is carried out in the cabins for 80 people. During a short recovery can catch scenic views , as well as make beautiful pictures . At the top opens amazing uninterrupted views of the sea and the entire coast of Kemer .

After visiting these amazing places , you can recharge your batteries for a long time the ancient land , giving an unforgettable vacation.