Wonderful people of Guyana

The main wealth of Guyana - is it

Merry holidays in Guyana
Fascinating history of Guyana

The history of Guyana unique and amazing.

Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

Amazing nature of Guyana

Victoria Regia - the national flower

Holidays in Russia

Family resort of Anapa

When it's the holidays, families with children, especially when children are very young ( up to three years ) , the main question becomes - where to go? After all, you need to choose a place where it will be interesting for the whole family : and dad , and older children , and year-old baby.

Go somewhere far away, in another country , is likely to be uncomfortable, since half the time on vacation will have to adapt to the selected child climate. Therefore, for such travelers , the best option - the Black Sea coast .

Anapa winter

Snowy Cathedral, the air is clean and cool , long frozen fountain . On the coast, also beat all the waves and lots of birds circling around . Beauty Anapa surprises at any time of year , but in winter the atmosphere here .