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Dumplings Xi'an

Пельменный Сиань

In addition to Shanghai in China and there are other cities that are also occupied by the most worthy place in its history. So the city is and Xi'an. Perhaps, above all, this city is famous throughout the country for its dumplings. Indeed, it is in Xi'an preparation of this beloved dishes in China reached a peak of perfection.

Пельменный Сиань

In some dumplings, their dumplings in Xian called temples, the menu has about 120 kinds of dumplings, among them there are fish and meat, shrimp and ginger, rice and bamboo, with rather exotic names, for example, such as the head of a young monkey and even dumplings depicting cap official.

Пельменный Сиань

In general, the history of this city is very unusual. For centuries, Xi'an played the role of capital among a string of eleven dynasties emperor. In the 8th century Xian was considered one of the largest cities in the world, because it was a place of crossing roads that ran between China, Central Asia and European countries. At the same time, it was a crossroads where experienced various ancient teachings: Buddhism and Confucianism, Taoism and Islam.

Пельменный Сиань

In Xi'an many monuments that testify to its ancient history, most of which have a very interesting history. Here is one of them. In 1974, quite by accident peasant who just wanted to dig a well, was found a figure of a warrior made of fired clay. After that the excavations were initiated and as a result, archaeologists found a lot of figures, which have lain in the ground for more than two millennia and survived just fine. Even the weapons in their hands are not covered with rust, and each piece was different from others. Together they formed an army whose purpose is to protect the approach to the discovery of the underground city of the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang. Museum of terracotta figures, created at the site under a glass roof, providing visitors a lasting impression.
The name of Qin Shihuang and archaeologists associated construction of the Great Wall of China, which began to develop before our era. The purpose of this wall is to protect the empire from the nomads. Its built hundreds of thousands of Chinese, many of whom have been there and buried. That is why the wall has another name - the longest cemetery in the world.
In this wonderful city, there are other, no less historically important sites, such as the tomb of Empress Wu Dzetyan. To her tomb is a road spirits, decorated with sculptures, and in the last journey escorted Empress foreign ambassadors. Or Hua Qing Palace, which is next to the hot mineral springs. Not one visitor of this palace can not remain indifferent to learning about the romantic and sad love Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei beauties.