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Sunny Gelendzhik.

Солнечный ГеленджикKrasnodar region can be called the Russian resort paradise. And let's talk about how the rest in one of the most famous resort towns in Krasnodar Krai - Gelendzhik.
Perhaps everyone has heard about this amazing place. And surprisingly it is not just - how can you not fall in love with the beauty of the bay, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Caucasus mountains? Go through the beautiful streets, admiring the pine pitsundskoy, breathe the sea air and feel the touch of local nature - a truly divine, is not it? But if you focus on long walks along the promenade, then you will surely to the liking of the embankment of the city, I think its the longest on the coast of the Black Sea.
But before you plunge into vacation need somewhere to live, that is, find accommodation.
Since a great city, the rooms rent from local residents it is not common. City lined with a variety of hotels. When the choice is great, it is not surprising, and lost in this abundance, so we shall understand in the hotels of Gelendzhik in more detail.
What usually is considered when choosing a hotel:
• The number assigned to the stars. Depends on the number of stars the price, comfort, level of service.
• Distance from the sea. Those that will stand out at times less, and those that are closer - more expensive.
• Reputation hotel. If you're one of those to whom it is easy to spoil the rest unreasonable expectations, then booking a room in advance bother to find authentic photos of the hotel and make sure it was him and not painted in Photoshop "strange beauty". For those who prefer to look for a hotel on arrival easier in terms of reliability - all you can see with my own eyes, but there is a risk to spend a lot of time to find suitable housing or remain without him. Although the latter - a rarity on the off chance you should not hope for. A good way of testing can serve as a poll of your friends. And, if there are, then you are lucky. Feel free to book a room.

Following simple rules and tips, you dwell in your preferred location. And when the bags analyzed, we can embark on vacation.
Of course, there is much to do and will not be bored. Great joy for lovers of water rides -3 water park, aquarium inhabitants will reveal the deep sea, cheerful and energetic Dolphins always please you in the dolphins, mountain parks with wild animals, cable track, which will open you a panoramic view of the surrounding area of ​​Gelendzhik, and on top of the mountain you waiting for the Ferris wheel. The feeling of freshness will give you an unforgettable sea trips on yachts and boats. And perhaps Dolphins will honor you with their visit. In such a case is a sin not to keep the camera at the ready.
This is only part of the entertainment that you give this wonderful city.
There is a saying - "Gelendzhik smiling sun." Smile Gelendzhik, and perhaps the sun will smile to you.