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A bilingual country and its traditions of Paraguay

Paraguay is the most wonderful country of the old America. There still a spirit of bygone days, at a time when this part of America was settled, and there are the first company, they do at present are the most important in Paraguay. Nevertheless, the country has successfully developed and has in its budget rather not bad income. Paraguay - this is such a camp, of whom wanted to know everything.

In Latin America, Paraguay is rightly considered a bilingual nation, as Spanish and Guarani are fully relevant in this country. Local residents are fluent in two languages. The truth is more common Guarani in the Chaco region, and the Indian population are adherents of the Spanish. There is no social inequality, and there Paraguayan community - there is no division between rich and poor, aristocrats and the nouveau riche. Of course, in Paraguay, there is more affluent and less affluent residents, but because the rich are also taking place with the lower classes (peasants, artisans), they always remember about it and do not put their earnings to the show. The basis of the Paraguayan commune is a large family in which there are children, parents and next of kin, and even godparents. Paraguayan family defines various aspects of life, up to a spouse, work, politics and emigration. A characteristic feature of Paraguayan - is everyone who is not in their home, but close friends and the elderly are treated with suspicion and indifference. But tight clan politics are not observed.

Paraguayans enough religious and conservative. They trust the church is very important worldly matters, in some cases, running small communities, and doing justice. In Paraguay, there are representatives of almost all world religions, and just wonder how they co-exist peacefully with each other.

Paraguayans clothing is traditional and rigorous, but in principle unassuming. To be like the locals just need to wear their clothes, or dress like them. But shorts and mini skirts are not disapprove. This is the Louvre, you can visit in a short sarafan, and now this look unacceptable. In a bathing suit, you can only be in the hotel and on the road to the beach, but in the city in such a display is prohibited.