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Peru and its attractions

Peru is considered to be a worldwide reserve monuments of the past, such as:

The majestic ruins of Machu *** called Picchu, which is a mystery Inca cultures;

*** Palaces, pyramids, mausoleums and other religious buildings of the valley Lambaske;

*** Puzzles cultures Chavan, Chimu, Nazca, Mochica and Tiahuanko.

The Pacific coast of Costa town attracts its sand dunes, with flocks of flamingos, penguins, cormorants, as well as colonies of sea lions.

In addition to the mysterious figures, Nazca desert is famous for many monuments of ancient indigenous cultures of Peru, such as - the Mochica, Pachacamac and Chan Chan.

The central mountain of the Sierra is known under the name of the great Andes of the deepest gorges, rough rivers and inaccessible villages.

On the border of Bolivia and Peru, at an altitude of 3810 meters above sea level, has settled the world's largest alpine lake - Titicaca covers an area of ​​8287 square kilometers. Up to this day it retains its ocean fish fauna, among which there is even a shark.

On the lake at an altitude of 3625 meters above sea level, is an ancient port city called Tiahuanaco, whose area is 450 thousand square meters. This structure, according to scientists, is to approximately 15 000 BC.

Here are the ancient stone ruins that are similar to those found in Machu Picchu. Akapana pyramid, which in Quechua means "artificial mountain", is the largest and oldest construction. Its height is 15 meters and the length of the base is about 230 meters.

At one time the capital of the Inca empire was Cuzco, in the language of Quechua means "Navel of the Earth." During the heyday of the Inca empire, which stretched from Peru to Chile and Argentina, Cusco truly was the "navel of the earth."

From this start sightseeing tours, such as the Inca citadel, situated on a mountain top - a place of Pisac, to the Pyramid of the Moon - Chincheros place, in a typical settlement of Quechua on the mountaintop, where Sundays are arranged folk fairs. Such a natural beauty you will not see, going, for example, on vacation in Europe.

At an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level, north-west of the town of Cuzco, located monumental archeological complex "Sacsayhuaman" - "The bird of prey serokamennogo color." The complex consists of three parallel zigzag walls, the throne of the Incas, made of stone, 21 with a powerful bastion towers.

Town of Trujillo is known for its churches and monasteries, as well as archaeological museums and colonial mansions.

The capital of the ancient Chimu Empire - Chan Chan, which was built of clay and cameos, located near Trujillo. Millions of stone went into the construction of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and Pyramid of Kao, which is decorated with colored reliefs, is part of the archaeological complex of El Bruch.

In 1987 it was discovered near the city of Chiclayo, burial, "The Shrine of Lord Sipona," in which during the excavations was found a large quantity of gold and silver jewelry.

In a small town Tukums is another archaeological site, which was opened Heyerdalom Tour.