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ПарамарибоIn Paramaribo, many museums and historical sites. In particular, the fort Zealand in the center. For some reason, the Danes, developed territory in the 17th century, liked to call his place of settlement fort Zealand. Indeed, in Guyana, has a fort Zealand. Unfortunately, we get inside failed. We were too limited in time. Where advice if you are going to Suriname, select yourself to leave more than three days, we were able to escape. You will want to wander through the streets of Paramaribo, and sit for a few nights on the waterfront. And the ride to see the country. On the turtle beaches I've already written. ПарамарибоBut there are a variety of nesting birds, where they come for procreation.

And then in Paramaribo people (as well as in Guyana), walking the streets in small cages in which they live their pets, mostly plain-looking bird, similar to our nightingales. Even going to work and shop people do not leave the cells, go everywhere with their pets.

In the Парамарибоsquare near the waterfront in Paramaribo every day from 6 am to 9 am going to bird lovers. There are special twin pillars on which are hung cages with birds. Specialists listen twittering, and note with chalk on the boards, as each bird trills whistler. Science Fiction. Some in our group decided that we are in heaven. Indeed, the head of the Russian people usually employed quite different. It is hard to imagine that in Red Square, people gathered to compete in the morning, whose bird trills more displays. Perhaps this says about the state of the nerves (or mind) of the nation.