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АмазонкаSpeaking of Amazon, virtually anywhere in the description to add the pronoun - the most. "Para-Tingo" - Queen of the rivers, so called Indians Amazon. This is the greatest river in the world, its waters make up a quarter of all the water that is made all the rivers of the world in the global ocean, sea opresnyaya from the mouth to 400 km. Asseyn Amazon is the largest area in the world, about 7 million square meters. km. Collecting himself adrift in more than 500 tributaries, irrigates a territory and that it would have placed the whole Australia. Her mouth is the largest river island in the world - Marazho having area 48 000 square kilometers, which can accommodate it, even the Netherlands.
Amazon - is the greatest in the world and the lowlands is a huge realm of jungles and swamps. During the flood level of the river rises to 20 meters, flooding about 100 miles all around, turning into a great sea of ​​fresh water in places with protruding treetops. Quite low slope Amazon, a very marked effect on the tide of the ocean, even at large distances from the river mouth. A characteristic feature of Amazonian tides is a "prophet" - thundering water. When the going tide meets the mighty river, formed by water in the shaft 6 m, with a foamy crest. And he goes with such a loud roar up, sweeping away everything in its path, and the trouble that a ship that did not have time to take refuge in the bay or the side of the channel.
AmazonThe length of the Amazon more than 7000 km, the depth of approximately 100 m, it allows you to navigate the vessel through the whole sail to Brazil and Peru. Its width is 200 km, but it does not look like a huge river, unnecessarily divided into many branches, separated by a multitude of islands. Come across the river and floating islands formed by interweaving of roots and fallen trees, climb them with new vegetation.
The name "Amazon" was a river by Spanish conquistadors. Fought on the side of the river with the Indians and the affected fury of the Indian women that reminded them of the myth of the Amazons. That's because of this river has a name.
River water is called "white" because of the large amount of silt, which carries river water it becomes opaque, muddy-looking light.
Surprising not only the river itself, but also its surrounding flora and fauna. Multiple bends, huge blind sleeves terms of alternating periods of tropical storms and heat played well on the appearance of the Amazon - the most colorful and rich in the world of sea fauna. In the waters of the river inhabited by about 2500 species of fish - one-third of the total of Freshwater Fish of various kingdoms of the planet. Among the unique river residents should be allocated a huge arapaymu reaching up to 3 m long and weighing about 200 kg, an electric eel to 2 m long, which can knock down a person in the discharge current 300, a huge river stingrays with the deadly spike, the River shark and tiny fish with horrendous name of "piranha." Locals say about this little one is better a huge crocodile than three such babies are piranhas. But most probably known to the inhabitants of the Amazon - a huge water snake Anaconda, its length is 12 m. The victims of this giant are miniature pigs, peccaries, tapirs, and even babies dangerous predators jaguars.
The flora of South America is also rich in it is: a variety of palm trees with valuable wood, the largest water lily in the world - Victoria Regi (can stand on their leaves 12 - year old child). Amazon - this is the largest array of tropical rainforest in the world.