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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Features of the hotel infrastructure in South America

A very promising area in terms of tourism is considered the South American region. Advantage of the hotel business is extremely high. According to the latest statistics in almost fifteen percent of profits from the hotels around the world have the South American region. High attendance in the region due to some peculiarities of the region and its hotel infrastructure in particular.

One of these features can be regarded as the beauty and exotic nature, which can not be found anywhere else. The variety of landscapes, climatic zones, the focus of various historical and cultural monuments, tourist attractions, as well as the traditional color, national holidays - all this of course attracts the tourists here. The popularity among fans of the continent South America increases every year, which affects the hotel infrastructure. It should be noted that hotels in Argentina, Brazil and the Caribbean coasts are mostly specialize in serving certain contingent of guests. In this hotel has everything you need, even medical offices, which can be treated even gemisindrom.

The cost of living in hotels in South America can seriously falter. Hotels are primarily represented in the luxury class and economy. Luxury establishments are uncommon, but also prevalent economy hotels. It is very difficult here to find a middle category of institution. Usually, the tourists prefer to stay in hotels economy class, so their number is growing every year. In South America, most of the hotel facilities are operated by multinational hotel corporations, known around the world to its level of service.