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Where else can you go in the western part of the country? The western part of Guyana, namely, bordering with Venezuela, a region famous Shell Beach Reserve and the fact that in this place you can see 4 species of endangered sea turtles from 8 - leatherback turtle, green turtle, Hawksbill turtle and tortoise kruglopantsirnyh Ridley. However, in Shell Beach is still no infrastructure - hotels, restaurants and methodology of the tourist. It is recommended for 2-3 days in order to accurately see turtles, so there is no guarantee that they can be seen in one day.
Что интересного в Западной Гайане
As can be seen on most maps in the western Guyana, there are practically no roads. The main road ends at the Charity. In Maburumu where to reserve Shell Beach can be reached within 1.5 - 2 hours by boat / car. Get out of Georgetown to be scheduled flight Maburumy Trans Guyana Airways (about $ 100 in one direction, it is necessary to specify optional). If you have time, desire and interest to travel by land, from the Charity on Tuesday at six in the morning walks to the water taxi Maburumy. It is about 6-8 hours. In the dry season, the boat goes along the ocean shore, respectively, may pass along the Shell Beach, in the rainy season of high water, the boat goes through Pomerun rivers, which are due to high water levels are interconnected and form a sort of canal system. The path in this case longer, but this option to see a great opportunity to travel west Guyana.

In a few Maburume recommended hotels in which to stay while visiting the reserve. Watching turtles can be arranged through of Guyanese society the protection of marine turtles, get in touch with representatives of organizations located within the park. Usually organizes visits the Rangers, who are monitoring the turtles, and all aspects of accommodation, meals and transportation are specified in the correspondence with them (because there is no hotel on the coast, stay with the Rangers at the camp, which consists of a canopy and hammocks). The organization of the tour at Shell Beach in the local tour operator for 2-3 days will cost 360 - $ 400 per person.

In addition to Shell Beach from Maburumy can get to the cocoa plantations Hosororo, which makes hand made chocolates, palm plantation Vauna, which serves as raw material for production of bio-fuels, kissing the stones and see the tiger caves, and visit the abandoned settlement of Jonestown, where in 1978 made samoubyistvo 913 congregants of a religious sect People's Temple, headed by preacher Jim Jones. Here, as the saying goes, it all depends on the tastes and interests.

If we talk about places close to Akavini directly, then, being in Adels Eco Resort can be on a boat to visit the settlements Morukov and Santa Rosa. Indian settlement Morukov interesting substrate and the local market with goods made of straw tibisiri. The settlement of Santa Rosa was founded by immigrants from Venezuela, who had fled to the coast of Guyana during the uprising against Bolivar, and therefore the current is a mixture of Catholic Hispanic culture and the local Indian substrate. Overall, the trip only in the western part of Guyana's worth taking from 7 to 10 days to see everything quickly, but thoroughly enough.

Куда еще можно поехать в западной части страны? Западная часть Гайаны, а именно, граничащий с Венесуэлой регион, знаменит заповедником Shell Beach и тем, что именно в этом месте можно увидеть 4 вида вымирающих морских черепах из 8 – кожистая черепаха, зеленая черепаха, морская черепаха бисса и круглопанцирных черепах ридли. Однако на Shell Beach пока еще нет развитой инфраструктуры – отеля, ресторана и методики приема туристов. Рекомендуется на 2-3 дня для того, чтобы точно увидеть черепах, так нет никакой гарантии, что их удастся увидеть за один день.