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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Guyanese cuisine

Guyanese cuisine, Гайана. Национальная кухня.like everything else in Guyana, mixed. In part Indian, part African, part Chinese. For every taste.

Many in Guyana and this Latin American cuisine. For example, a couple of our favorite Brazilian restaurants, organized by the system Buffet. Just pay 10-15 dollars and can eat all kinds of grilled meat and delicious Brazilian sausages as much as you like. Washed down with a Brazilian bottling beer. In short, paradise.
Guyana to develop, we started cooking with Indian cuisine. Or rather, Roti bread
Led by our communion to the Guyana kitchen very experienced and wise woman, whom everyone in Georgetown called Aunty Nysha, which translated into Russian means Auntie Nisha.
Roti - such cakes, apparently similar to our pancakes, but actually a bit more reminiscent of Armenian lavash. One of the favorite dishes of the Guyana Indian cuisine. Although we can not say that the roti can be an independent dish. These are thin pancakes, stuffed or not, eaten with fish curry or chicken curry. Indians generally prefer to eat with your hands, what a great help just different roti. Just off a piece of cake, they are trapped in chunks, fish dishes and leave in your mouth.
I wanted to make this site a section with recipes for dishes Guyana, and then I thought that this would require a separate site cooking exotic dishes. And it did. You go for the exotic recipes to the site exoticpovar.ru