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Tours in Echternach, Luxembourg

Tour in Luxembourg, in most cases, associated with a visit to one of the oldest cities in the state - Echternach. Туры в Эхтернах, ЛюксембургThe capital of the same name located in the tourist center of Sur River, which defines the border with Germany. There are a lot of beautiful places, and if you are interested in a really good stay, Benelux definitely deserves your attention when choosing a tour, and you can be sure that staying in Luxembourg will be a very enjoyable and interesting.
The city is home to about 5 thousand people, but it does not interfere with the success of the capital to serve as the world famous tourist destination. Echternach is located near the scenic area, called the inhabitants with love Little Switzerland of Luxembourg.
Most of the attractions of the city is connected with the history of the lives of great men. Thus, the Roman era marked on a map of a luxury villa that is home to a great noble of the time. The historical roots of education lead to 698, when the Irish monk Willibrord founded the abbey at this point to the Basilica. The burial place of St. Willibrord and revered in the Orthodox and Catholic religions.
Abbey in the Middle Ages served as a haven for artists portrait miniatures. Thanks to the creative efforts appeared spiritual books, decorated with precious stones and colored pictures. Exclusive of the masters X-XIII centuries, are now historical heritage of the state and are in the National Museum in Nuremberg.
However, the city has received official recognition only in 1236. A distinctive feature of the architectural structures of the area are 20 watch towers located at specific gates. There really is a lot of sights and attractions, and you can rest assured that you will be bored on vacation just do not have.
Became a symbol of the city's oldest town hall "Dentselt." Despite the fact that the structure itself was rebuilt several times, gaze of curious tourists, it appears in the Gothic style. The lovely facade decorated with statues made by the German sculptor.
In parallel with the construction of the architectural forms of landscaping and grounds. Modern Wall Gymnasium today nestled in the Abbey and greenhouse established in 1736 in the town's park. Tourist route ma
p now includes dating and other sights of the capital. Special attention is, of course, involve architectural monuments erected in different periods.
Modern Echternach attracts conducting various cultural events. Festivals, fairs, parades - an integral part of the capital. If during the journey to become a lucky participant parade dedicated to St. Willibrord, the most vivid impressions and positive emotional turmoil guaranteed. Here every guest is sure to find something for everyone, and can not doubt, bored on vacation you just do not have to. It is not surprising that every year tours in Luxembourg increasingly attracted the attention of our fellow citizens.
Besides tourist attractions will surprise "hospitable" environment, tourism infrastructure and impeccable service. Holidays in Luxembourg will certainly you like, it is not surprising that every year the tours in this area are just popular. Today tours to Holland and Amsterdam, Luxembourg appear for sale very often, and make a wonderful holiday in the Benelux at any time of year.