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Travel to Mongolia

Путешествие в МонголиюFans have to travel to visit the homeland of Genghis Khan. In Mongolia, many believe the story of his resurrection. Genghis Khan is indeed a very mysterious figure. This ruler in his twelve years killed his half-brother, thus punishing him for his betrayal. Genghis Khan was a few years in slavery. He knew what a wooden block on his neck. Genghis Khan started the war for the sake of a stolen his beloved wife the Board. It is difficult to count the number of legends associated with the tomb of Genghis Khan. According to one legend he was buried in one of the mountains, and the enemies could not find the grave on the slopes of the mountain the whole grazed herds of horses. Therefore, in Mongolia, all the mountains are sacred. Even today, officials in a sign of reverence rise to the top of the mountain Karakoram and poured on the slopes of milk or koumiss.
One of the deities, which is a stone turtle, survived the attack Chinese troops also remained intact her three "sisters" who according to legend, protected from the attack of the Karakoram. At the foot of the rock fragments once majestic temples. According to one legend in the cave, located near the Karakoram, expelled from the monastery lamas were buried treasure. This treasure is not found until today.
For travelers in Mongolia are very friendly, because it is a country of nomads, who are well aware of wandering lovers. Living in Mongolia, guests are always welcome. Do not feed the guest or to refuse him lodging for the night is considered a violation of the law. Guests can not refuse tea baursaks their popotchuyut, said a lot of compliments. In order not to offend the hosts guests as a thank you to learn a few phrases in the Mongolian language.
Tourists will not remain indifferent to the Valley of the Gobi. Earlier in the desert was a lot of bones of prehistoric animals. Today it is absolutely clean, it does not find a trace of the giants. While traveling through the desert on a jeep is better not to approach close to the herds of saiga, as these animals are very shy, but with the rapid and long run they are broken hearts.
Mongolia is a country of the best riders here to ride a horse trained from an early age. Mongolian national wrestling - Boch, in which the winner is the one who could not resist a fight on his feet. Very interesting and colorful national holidays. No holiday is complete without archery competitions.
The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. This beautiful city, attracts tourists as quaint and luxurious modern buildings.
By visiting Mongolia, tourists like to plunge into the world of antiques. And not to forget this beautiful country you can buy souvenirs of camel's hair or skin. You can also buy a carpet that will remind you of this country. Although it is difficult to forget about it, because a trip to Mongolia, it is difficult to compare with any other!