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Семейные традиции афроГайанцев

Culture of South America fully reflect the circumstances of its origin. The population of South America was not so easy. The origin of South American variety. Here and African peoples, and Asian and European. Throughout the time of the peoples of South America tried to maintain their culture. And at the same time, historically evolved culture of South America.
To a large extent the population of South America is made up of Africans brought to the continent as slaves.
The Africans came from a culture with highly developed system of the family.
Семейные традиции афроГайанцев
Slavery has produced a devastating impact on African culture and especially on family structures. Spouses could be separated, children could be sold from the mother, the sexual exploitation by planters was common. Legal marriage for slaves was banned.
Yet Africans are trying to keep the relationship between men and women and their children. Save the family.
Now monogamous marriage is just one type of family relations among afroGayantsev. Although the Christian church weddings are the main way of marriage, but they made more in the middle class.
For many, the church wedding is not the beginning of union, culminating asvoego kind of relations.
Семейные традиции афроГайанцев
Many marriages, supposedly socially accepted, but have no legal status. Guyanese of African descent, especially in lower socio-economic groups, allow the relationship to the entry into legal or common-law marriage. Such relationships are not always entail the creation of a separate household. The children of such relationships live with one parent, usually the mother. Children born out of wedlock are not stigmatized.

Семейные традиции афроГайанцев

Because of the diversity of marital relations, which are formed during adult life afroGayantsev, family structure is changing. It may include mothers and fathers at the head of the family, and may include children from different parents.
AfroGayanskie families are grouped together, usually around women. The most likely cause. That adult males leave their homes in search of better paying jobs. The family is three generations of women, grandmothers and mothers of children whose fathers are away from their families or do not live in the family.