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In South America, a lot of soil and vegetation zones. This is dueРастения Южной Америки to the situation between the mainland subequatorial belt of the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere temperate POS, as well as abnormal development of the continent.
Much of the continent, together with Central America and Mexico, forms the "Neotropical floristic kingdom." Southern part of the same part of the "Antarctic kingdom."
To groups of plants in South America and Africa have common views, which explains the connection of the continents during d
Растения Южной Америкиevelopment.
Flora of the eastern part of the continent, that is, including Guyana, far more ancient flora of the Andes.
For the vegetation characteristic of Guyana rainforest areas, which has no equal in the world nor the size nor the wealth of species. The largest array of primary forest in the Guiana Highlands there.
Forest area rises to a height of 1,500 meters above sea level.
But the soil in Guyana is very poor. In hot and humid climate all products immediately decline decomposed and consumed by plants, no time to accumulate.

For agriculture, you need to make large amounts of fertilizer.
All our attempts to cultivate the land in Guyana Russian tomatoes, or even just petrushechku failed. Something arises, of course, but it chahlenkoe and lean. Ukropchik simply just lay down and then just drifted along the ground.
The number of plant species in Guyana, is enormous. Forests occupy the upper tiers of palm trees, and various legumes.
In a tropical forest, there is a chocolate tree with flowers and fruits,
Растения Южной Америки sitting directly on the trunk.
Here, home of rubber Hevea,
papaya, cacao.
In the forests of South America there are a symbiosis of some trees and ants, for example tsekropii.
Particularly diverse in the forests of Guyana, lianas and epiphytes. Among them bromelivye, fern and its variety of stunning brightness and orchids.
Over the jungle, in the savannah along the coast are now plantations. The country is largely agricultural, and primary production in it is sugar cane, rum Guyanese "Eldorado".
The slopes of the sandstone plateau, as well as the area occupied by dry Rupununi savannas.
In the forests of the interior of Guyana, grows a lot of valuable trees, which are used in the manufacture of furniture often stunning beauty of handmade, and building materials.