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Songkhla - former pirate town

Сонгкхла - город бывших пиратов

The small town of Songkhla, who was once the logs are pirates, is located on a narrow strip of land that stretches between the largest salt lake of the same name and the Gulf.

In the old town preserved entire neighborhoods with narrow streets. On the western shore of the lake. Houses in them are highly original blend of Thai, Malay and Chinese architecture. Especially a mixture of styles seen in an unusually elegant Matchimavat temple, which was built over 400 years ago. In the corners of the walls that were built around this temple, there are huge statues of yaks.
The city has a national museum, which contains unique exhibits related to the history of Thailand. The museum is located in one of the Chinese palaces dating from the 19th century and well preserved.
On the hill Dantkhuan, located in the northern part of the city, rises majestically stupa, dated to the 19th century. It was built in the style of Ceylon. Visitors can admire the beautiful sea view, scenic views of the harbor and fishing lake views from the top of the hill. In the middle of the lake on a small island Yo in old-old times engaged in manufacturing of fabrics from cotton. You can also visit the unique folklore museum, which is housed in one of the buildings of the island. You can also admire the dragon's head, represents the wisdom. This statue installed in 2007 at the mouth of the lake, and so it is considered a new landmark of this wonderful lake.
In the shadow of Casuarinaceae trees on the eastern edge of Songkhla are two cozy beach: Sonon and Samila. The first of them is located near the mouth of the lake, that is north of the city. The second - to the south, so it is possible to enjoy much more popular. Tourists enjoys photography gladly remove the memory vivid silhouettes of boats near the village Kaosep where fishermen live.
Charter sunbathing on the beach and sightseeing sated need to relax and have a snack in the cafe, and then go watch the underwater world of Thailand located in the province of the aquarium. In it live in a huge tank just giant groupers, turtles and, of course, sharks.
Another unique attraction in the province of Songkhla considered Park Thale Noi Waterbird, in whose territory away from the bustling city, you can be alone with nature: listening to the singing of strange birds and enjoy the wonderful water lilies and roses.