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As with all African nations and representatives of the African-American population of Guyana believe in all sorts of magic, such as in voodoo or the expulsion of the devil as the father of my friend Beverly. And frankly. The same is true of the Hindus. They have many different cults of the gods aМагия и колдовство в Гайанеnd goddesses also include elements of magic and ritual. But all of my questions to me, even intelligent, educated people immediately answered - you do not ask about it, it's very scary. However, something that I nevertheless managed to unearth.

It is of black magic - obea (an offshoot of voodoo) and the Indian cult of the goddess Kali.
Obea - do not make dolls of wax or wood, like real witches voodoo. Simply use the blood of poultry or eggs, various herbs, charms, potions made from it and give thirsty. In the morning, before sunrise walk to the ocean and "allow souls of the dead, who live above the water, enter into their body" ...

Often seen as the light of people come to his family to the ocean, and released into the water lily pads large, with lit candles on them and some associated with herbs and puchochkami papers (as desired). Harmless in general. Those who want to read about this witch can download the book of rites and rituals at this link.

Real voodoo in Guyana does not. But they are in Suriname. And everyone Corrupts the curse someone, or sell your soul for something tangible, go to Suriname.

Культ богини Кали

As far as the cult of Kali, the temple that is even close to the airport. The cult is called the Kali Puja May (Kali Mai Puja), which means that the rite of the Mother Kali. The goddess is very, very black and evil. In the temple they are dancing to loud music and very fast, are a rage. "Lead" hits the dancing feet of the whip, they have a very high jump at this point. All this time the temple kindles some very fragrant grass and sticks (as, in general, in all Indian temples). After the dancing, sacrifice a goat. Chop off his head with one sweep of the long knives, swords ("cutlass" - the curve is too long piece, rounded at the end), collect blood in the coconut and drink. In general, for Guyanese - just awful. Those who have been, they say that to faint.

An ancient cult, not really changed, apparently for thousands of years. Looks like a Greek or Cretan-Mycenaean goddess of fertility cults (Demeter). In India, there is an entire caste of servants of Kali. They were called-tags, they always wore a scarf with you, who suffocated people, bringing them to the sacrifice of Cali bloodless. The British had to fight with them long before they (the British claimed) caste was destroyed. In any case, the mass killings stopped. Prior to that, a third British, who came to the colony perished at the hands of tags.