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The island - a perfect place to relax

Остров - прекрасное место для отдыхаFor those who are tired of the everyday concerns of his native city who need silence and solitude perfect place to stay will be a quiet corner of the planet, like an island. Nature has generously endowed men high choice, according to the most secret of their preferences and desires. It will provide information on the most famous and popular islands of our vast planet.

Well, of course, takes the lead island Musha Cay in the Bahamas. Visiting it once, you'll never want to leave. It is true the number of tourists is fixed at 20. This is a great place for diving and swimming normal. Because the island is beckoning its clear water and beautiful coral reefs. It hosts villas, each with its own private beach and marina. Best place to stay to be found.

Next on the list is the island of Mustique, rest on those who can afford only the most wealthy and famous people of the world. He charms for its beaches, emerald waves and truly found a tropical paradise. The owners of the lake allowed him only a limited number of people and pass for ordinary people is closed.

Next is the Turtle Island in Fiji. Its location has a large number of luxury villas. And he pleases their locations. And has in his possession a large number of beaches. Besides, this is the perfect place for a honeymoon.

The second lowest Palm Island, which is a huge amount of time was not a common resting place of people to the point where the hotel was not built

John Caldwell. The island is known for its palm groves and colorful marine life.

Finally, completing the list Bermuda owned UK. Because of the vast number of sunken ships in their area, they received a terrible name "island devil." Rest on them can be truly fascinating. In addition, the islands are known for their many attractions.

Whatever holiday destination you prefer, and what version of the above would you choose, the thrills and the sea of ​​emotions you provided. If you do not like have any of these places, then you will never nothing else like it. Most importantly, try to observe the internal modes of the territories to which you are traveling, to avoid botched rest and unnecessary problems.