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Several wedding customs of Latin America

All the same amazing life on our planet, so many oНесколько свадебных обычаев Латинской Америкиf its people inhabit, is not considered, and each has its own unique customs, rituals and its unique culture and language. Very interesting wedding customs of the peoples of Latin America.

It was influenced very much the Spanish conquerors. One feature of the wedding ritual is very thorough and serious about the future spouses to the engagement, it was her future newlyweds have exchanged rings, around the same altar on the very wedding bride and groom exchanged vows just. At the same time, they have no such a thing as a bridesmaid or best man with the witnesses,. All of these roles do parents Suite.
Of particular relevance here to the wedding feast. The traditional dish is delicious pies, empanady with various fillings, as well as large pieces of meat, cooked over charcoal. In all of this, the wedding at the Latin American nations - this is the big event in my life, so it is done only when the young could save him a lot of money. At these weddings music sounds until the morning, and the newlyweds wedding night usually goes away on the dance floor to the sounds of fiery Argentine tango. Natural and not less grand is the breakfast, which filed a list of drinks, according to tradition, there is not an ounce of alcohol.
An interesting Brazilian tradition is that the bride simply must come to the wedding the groom after ten minutes. And the event itself is always in the hands of her husband. In some regions of Brazil is still the custom, when a proof of their masculinity groom should restrain itself stubborn donkey, belonging to the family of his bride. Only after that the bride's father gives good wedding.