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Brazil, a synonym for the holiday

Бразилия синоним праздникаBrazil - a big, beautiful country. Culture of the State is original, because it was formed by the interweaving of beliefs and traditions of many nations. Despite the fact that many nationalities inhabit Brazil, the main language in a country - the Portuguese, but some pretty decent society speaks Tupi-Guarani.

In general, Indians have a broad impact on the lifestyle of Brazil, however, as the Africans. If you end up in areas of the Amazon, we can understand that, in those almost impassable places of European culture is virtually unknown, people live, like hundreds of years ago, relying only on their own, Native American, culture.

With regard to the African influence, it is enough to listen to Brazilian music, to understand how it is great. In Brazil, samba is very popular. In this beautiful dance tunes magically intertwined European and African rhythms. By the way, samba has almost conquered the world, now on every continent of the planet incendiary tunes sound of samba!

Brazil holidays
In this South American country, as well as all over the world celebrate the New Year. But Brazil and are distinguished: this day has another name - the Day of the universal community. New Year in Brazil takes place in 35 degree weather (which is much less Santa Claus!), When the melted asphalt, summer tires on cars and shoes of local residents. But the Brazilians this only too happy, because for them the cold - it's something awful! In the New Year in Brazil can not be home (in contrast to Russia, where the New Year is considered a family holiday), so the residents of the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo at night from December 31 to January 1, take to the streets, visit the cafe and restaurants. All singing, dancing, listening to music, exchange gifts. On this day, no one no one else is offended, and even less so angry!

If we talk about Brazil, you will surely need to remember the Carnival. It starts with a festive action in late February. At this time, the country visiting army of many thousands of tourists from around the globe. And they can understand that because the carnival is truly a magnificent sight and watch him (or even participate!) Willing to do practically everything. The main "highlight" a carnival - a parade of samba schools. Under the fiery rhythms of Latin music parties take place on city streets, dressed in colorful, unique outfits. Very nice! Perhaps such a "fancy feast" anywhere else on the planet and you will not see. No wonder the Bender wanted to find yourself in Brazil. Tipster knew what I wanted!