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Beverly Family



It is impossible to imagine the inhabitants of the country, with no direct acquaintance with them.Родители
Therefore, introduce you to one of my female friends in Guyana, Beverly.
Bright representative of the African-American population of Guyana. She is now 40 years old Beverly's parents are very interesting people. Her mother - Hezel Harris was an athlete, a champion on the run.
Bev's father, Thomas Burnell was known throughout Guyana under the name of Aka. He was a famous magician in the whole country.

АкаAs usual in African culture, and at the same time; izgonyatelem evil spirits. According to the bey, it was; real african man. He loved music, especially drums, played in the musical group, and how, breathing fire. In general, an actor of many talents. In solid years he was vice-chairman of the party PNC (People National Congress) froШонm 10 of the region. He died in a car accident. Since then, a few years.
Mom Beverly now 57 and it seems she's going to marry.
Beverly their eldest daughter. In total they have five children: Beverly still have two sisters and two brothers twins. One of the brothers is very interesting, original artist and heir to his father's talent. He also appears on stage as a musician and magician, with his son.

But I must say that in addition to marriage, the father of Beverly is still eleven children in various parts of Guyana. ToДилонuring has paid off. Consequently, the bey sixteen brothers and sisters. Гордая мать.She is friendly with everyone, and at its 40th birthday invites all his sisters and brothers, though, do not invite their mothers, which is easy to understand.
At the very traditional family of Beverly, she, too, five children, one daughter and four sons. The eldest son, Dillon, athlete. Playing American football in Trinidad. Mother awfully proud of his awards

Daughter, Ricotta, aЛюди Гайаныlso already working as middle son, Ray.
The two younger boys still at school.
Beverly lives with his family at his home, though not at the center of Georgetown. State in Guyana provides various preferential loans for the construction of housing to its residents.
Люди ГайаныSince there is no high-rise buildings in general, almost every family builds its own house in a small plot of land, which give residents free of charge. Although for foreigners to buy a home in Guyana is space money.
Grandchildren in Beverly yet, but still ahead.
Live, of course, not rich, but not unyvyayut. Like most local residents, their problems do not become fixated. Solace is found in religion. Long can not complain.
Люди Гайаны Can talk about their troubles and, immediately after hearing the music, to dance.
That is such a family.