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Культура Южной Америки

1781 first Anglican priest arrived in Guyana. Rev. William mud, Admiral George Rodney chaplain.
1796 British troops returned to retake control over Guyana in the Netherlands and France. With them the priest Francis Mc Mahony, chaplain of the garrison Demerara.
1808 the administration held a meeting garnizora on which it was decided to build a chapel for religious ceremonies and announced subscription to raise funds for construction.
By July 1811 the chapel was completed. Its dimensions were 70 feet long and 30 feet wide.
1818 Church soon proved too small for the growing community.
Культура Южной Америки Was declared a subscription to raise funds to increase the church.
Only from 1842 was built a new cathedral. However, since the first days were visible errors in the construction of the foundation. On permanent repairs had to constantly spend substantial sums of money. By 1877 the building unsafe recognized and eliminated.
In 1877 he built a temporary church of St. George. It has existed for 15 years while going to the money for the new cathedral.
In 1888, the plan was adopted Arthur Bloomfield to construct a wooden cathedral.
Культура Южной Америки The new design retained many of Bloomfield of the characteristics of first cathedral, such as the central tower and latinchky cross at the base of the nave. The Gothic style of architecture in a set of "flying" buttresses combined with tropical architecture, providing the necessary income much air and light.
  It was decided that the construction of the cathedral can only be used for wood extracted in the country.
St.George CathedralThe first stone of the foundation was laid November 21, 1889.
The 8 of November 1894 the cathedral was completed and consecrated bishop Suobi, the second bishop in Guyana.
During the consecration was drawn up. Excerpts:

Культура Южной Америки

Church free from debt and has the following dimensions:
The length from east to west - 187 feet.
The width of the nave - 69 feet 6 inches.
Full Shirikov 103 feet 6 inches.
The height of the spire of 135 feet.
The height of the top of the main roof 80 feet.