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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Tourism in South America

South America - the largest continent of the Western Hemisphere. In another South America called - the New World. Sam mainland by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, but when viewed from the north, then washed by various mainland waters of the Arctic Sea. In South America there are not very rich country, and the main source of income is tourism this continent. On the mainland there are many historical monuments and various monuments. South America attracts a million tourists to its attractive scenery in the world. Most tourists visit: Machu Picchu, a variety of beautiful forests in the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful islands Margarita, beautiful Angel Falls, Cuzco, and much more. The most visited and popular destination among tourists is - Brazil. This is the largest state in South America.

Most tourists come for the magnificent places, football and, of course, the most magnificent carnivals. In Brazil, the economic system refers to a developing country. The country is very rich in various minerals and raw materials. The country has a unique way to their ecological tropical forests of the Amazon system. Also, these forests are called the "lungs of the planet." As previously mentioned the numerous number of tourists come to see the carnival, in order to see this musical and colorful spectacle.

You can ride to the magnificent beaches of the Brazilian auto Hyundai and 30.

Another country that fascinates with its beauty - is Venezuela. In a country dominated by the Spanish and Indian culture. The country has only 20 million people. Tourists Venezuela called "Little Venice" of South America. One of the most popular tourist city - Caracas. The town has a large number of museums. The most popular tourist destination is the Caribbean coast. Venezuela is also famous for its largest lake in all of South America - Maracaibo. Also in South America there is a lot of folk customs and traditions.

Let's look at the wedding custom. in South America. Wedding customs of South Americans is very similar to Russian wedding traditions, but also a number of differences. In South America, father of the bride and groom's mother is given a very responsible job, which they must necessarily do - take it to the wedding altar of their beloved children. In contrast to other traditions in South America instead of the couple to exchange rings, say publicly about its good intentions and strong feelings that they experience. Still, exchange rings there, and then only on their engagement. Also, there are so many different traditions, which you can see with my own eyes.