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Marry in Latin America

Of course, love - that feeling, which was subject to any people. And when the hot macho meets passionate and unique to themselves muchachu it, just like millions of other men, calling her husband. But that's just the wedding ceremony to be held in Latin America, significantly different from that to which we are accustomed to. It is known that in South America very seriously affected by the Spaniards and, in addition to Spanish, in a country like Argentina, for example, there is no concept of witnesses or by the groom or the bride.

Latin American weddings are conducted in the presence of the father of the bride and groom's mother, who married and carried to the altar. And at the altar the bride and groom are behaving according to our conception, is not entirely correct. After all, they did not exchange rings. This action is before they spend during the engagement. Most likely, this is why many Latin American countries such reverent attitude to this engagement. And at the wedding just young loud proclaim that their intention to start a family is really very serious. Typically, such a marriage in any country in South America - this is a very elegant event to prepare the national food, such as, for example, empanady (pies of flaky pastry stuffed with the most diverse) - and grilled large pieces of meat. And not surprisingly, that the bride and groom sometimes quite a long time raising money in order to hold wedding ceremony and to dump to feed their guests. Of course, like any parents anywhere in the world, Latin American moms and dads to help her children to hold the wedding ceremony. Still, the majority of all material costs must fall on the shoulders of the young. It is believed that it should bring them closer together in the future of family life.