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South American cuisine

Кухня народов Южной АмерикиLike the cuisine of other countries, South American cuisine has its own distinctive features. First of all, we know Latin America by the abundance of all kinds of condiments and sauces, which often have a sharp taste. Often used pepper. In addition, virtually no meal is complete without corn in one form or another - there are many recipes from her original dishes, both independent and garnishes. It is used for a variety of cakes - including stuffed with meat, minced meat and vegetables. The abundance of vegetables is also characteristic of Latin American cuisine, especially popular with potatoes, tomatoes, beans and kidney beans.

Speaking of meat dishes, the more often they are made from pork and beef. Frequent components of the meal are meats, stews, and marinated meats. Often the meat is cooked over charcoal with special lattices. Some recipes suggest frying the meat until half. Usually as a garnish in a separate dish served vegetables, dressed with butter, while the traditionally dressed with vegetable salads.

For dessert, in South America you can offer a myriad of desserts - chocolate, pastries, cakes, mousses, waffles and, of course, fresh fruit.
From drinks can be treated with tea, mate, grape or corn brandy, cocoa and natural juices. Very zhaluyut in Latin America, coffee is drunk in the morning and evening.

The original cocktails prepared from a mixture of fruits and vegetables, adding to them the milk, water and ice. But there are many other unusual, but very tasty recipes for drinks, many of which are already several hundred years.

It must be admitted that the kitchen of the peoples of South America is very diverse and has a special flavor, so you should try it at least once!