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The capital of Guyana, Georgetown

All capitals Столица Гайаны Джорджтаунand cities of South America have their own history. Because they are based, largely as the forts of conquistadors, the history of cities and similar.
Georgetown began as a terrible slave trade center and a major pirate haven.
But times have changed. First you settlement was called the French word Longshamp, then the Dutch word Stabrok.Vo time British rule the city developed into a nice colonial town and received its present name -
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунGeorgetown ..
Most of the old wooden buildings in the city. Just boggles the mind how they are stored
in such a climate.
Today the city is constantly under construction. Before our eyes grow new homes, shops, restaurants and recreation centers.

Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунDowntown, beautiful botanical and zoological gardens, neatly groomed, though this can not be said of some other, more peripheral parts of the city. But, again, again, worn and dirty parts of the eyes become well-maintained and modern.
In t
he center is a huge market where you can buy all sorts of local crafts, souvenirs, clothing and, of course, a lot of local vegetables and fruits.
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунA long sea dike, called the "seawall" is associated with a system of canals and locks, built by the Danes savvy. Until now, these channels are their service and protect the city from flooding. And this is important, because the city is located at 2.5 meters below sea level.
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунLocals use the dam as the main area of ​​recreation.
In the evenings there are going to rest, buy here or bring with them a boksikah food
and is directly on sivoll, dinner overlooking the ocean. True, the scent is poor. The mind is not understandable as it does not spoil the appetite of the batter's nose stock of everything that rolls on the beach. But do not seem to bother. Where we try to quickly run past some carrion thrown on shore, residents calmly and with an appetite for the whole family partake in Fig.
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунHowever, to eat their rice from boksikov Guyanese are everywhere. Do it with pleasure, and every free weekend minutu.V all sivoll filled by people who came here to "promenade" to cultural and Sunday evening.
The main attraction of Georgetown - the wooden Church of St. Dzhordzha.On is the tallest wooden church in the world (the height of the bell tower about 40m).
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунThe most beautiful building of 18-19 cc. located on Main Street. They are built mostly of wood and are renowned for the famous local shutters, the so-called "Demerara-shatters." These shutters have a special period, which was placed before the ice, and passing through the ice cooled the air space.
Parliament buildi
ng is constructed, as they say, at the very place where freed slaves bought their first land.


Джорджтаун- столица ГайаныNot far from the complex is the Victoria Law Courts, before which stands a statue of Queen Victoria.
Near it is a beautiful Gothic city hall.
The most enormous building in Georgetown is almost entirely built
of cast iron.
This building is the largest and most famous market in the country - Stabrok, built in 1792. His main decoration - the clock tower, similar t
o the Tower of London Tower of London.
Indians AIM-AIM built in Georgetown, unusual building conical shape that resembles an Indian hut.
Столица Гайаны ДжорджтаунThis Umana Yana, which in translation from an Indian language means "meeting place". It built using local architectural traditions. Building height - 16 meters, the area - 460 sq.m. Originally designated for rest of Heads of State - Non-Aligned Movement.
The area streets are Vlissendzhen-road Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which occupy an area of ​​over 48 hectares. In the ponds
of the park live reptiles and manatees, through numerous channels spanned "kissing bridges" in the park are lined up pretty besedochki. In the zoo, home to 12 species of birds and numerous species of animals. It also has settled and the National Gallery of Art, known as Castellani House.