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Travel Tips. In order not to spend too much.

You are already leafing through travel brochures, buying bathing suits, mentally, on vacation waving his pen and his colleagues certainly count the costs associated with the upcoming tour.
Of course, going on vacation, spending can not be avoided, but too much does not want to pay.
Well, do not!

Regardless of what kind of tourist vacation spot you have chosen - Egypt and the Indian Ocean islands, there are lots of things on which you can save.
And do not necessarily go the entire vacation in a bathing suit and live hand to mouth.
Quite the contrary!
Following these tips, you will not feel like poor relations, more capital is saved, you can spend a pleasant shopping, entertainment and optional excursions.

Let's start with the smallest.
In your voucher does not include full board?
Accordingly, in front of you there on the first day of rest the question: where to eat?
Of course, the most attractive part of the program is to visit local restaurants and familiarity with the cuisine.
In this case, at least once a day can save you - buy a delicious healthy meal in a convenient package at the supermarket or fruit and vegetables to manage menus, buying fruits and vegetables at local markets, which will cost you much cheaper than eating in the most modest restaurant.
So, that lean on healthy food with pleasure, and not without cost.

In a foreign country as a means of transportation you are using a rented car or taxi? Of course, these costs are impressive. Try to use public transport to move, and do not be afraid that your journey will be on a rusty, jam-packed Aboriginal transport. All stories about traveling by bus to the tourist countries are exaggerated. If you do not want to go by bus, use the comfortable "Shuttle", which are very popular among tourists.

Host your party on the first day of your arrival you will announce the list waiting for you for guided hotel tour guide. But do not sign up for all of the proposed cultural activities.
Going beyond the hotel grounds, you'll find a lot of the Bureau of Tourism and excursions.
Prices in the travel agencies for their services, and is much much lower than the guide at the hotel.

A considerable amount can be saved on the phone. Do not use a mobile phone and make calls from hotel rooms to talk to friends and relatives about their travel experiences. Otherwise, the cost of telephone service in the hotel and pay for roaming, you will become an unpleasant surprise. Get a special phone card to call from a payphone and calls from the tourist paradise in the home will cost you far less.

One of the main purposes of travel abroad for many tourists is shopping.
For sheepskin coats and gold go to Turkey, the technique followed in the Emirates, and our tourists in Greece buy fur coats. But in most cases, coming home, shopingomany face the fact that often the cost in local markets for goods purchased are much smaller. So, what, going to the shopping tour, explore the market prices at home - for comparison.
In order not to spend too much.