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Madagascar - Tips

Мадагаскар - советы путешествующим

The island of Madagascar separated from the mainland about 165 million years ago - for this reason that life on it evolved in isolation from Africa, and flora and fauna of the island in many ways unique. According to local folklore, the first inhabitants of Madagascar were the mythical white dwarfs vazimba. Then they were replaced (in this case, of course, if it were not fairy tales), the Polynesians who came here from the Indonesian islands around the 6th century BC We know that by the 9th century Madagascar became one of the major trading centers of a vast region, washed by the Indian Ocean.

The excavations, which are numerous ruins indicated that at that time the island was a lot of Arabs. A little later the island settled Bantu people, sailed from East Africa. Europeans reached the island in the 17th century. Madagascar - the fourth largest island of our planet. The coastline consists mostly of beaches with golden sand. The interior of the different natural diversity and wilderness of primeval beauty. There are impenetrable rain forests, and volcanoes, covered with tall grass and mountain plateaus. Distances on the island are quite significant, and the roads are mostly very poor, so domestic flights, possibly, the best way to travel around the country. On one side is better to use local airlines, 30 airports they serve the country.

On the other hand, often local roads, for example, from Antananarivo to Toliara, so picturesque, that it would be a pity not to see the surrounding scenery. If you are going to travel to Madagascar, you should consider its climate. The climate varies from humid tropical to the east of the island, to the dry deserts in the south. The rainy season lasts from December to March. In these months, some areas of the island, especially the southern valleys are inaccessible. A good time to observe the local flora and fauna - from mid-August to November. All who come to Madagascar to issue visas. They can be arranged directly at the international airport Iwata, But you can advance to the embassy.

The monetary unit is called ariari Madagascar. The U.S. dollar is equal to 2100 and ariari. Credit in the local hotels are virtually absent. Mastercard does not maintain. So we'll have to take cash in euros or dollars. Currency must be exchanged at the airport once the whole trip. It is also possible in some Malagasy banks and a number of hotels. But please note - the Malagasy currency is forbidden to export from the country, and the reverse exchange is possible only with great difficulty.

Madagascar - an area of ​​malaria. It is best to wear clothing with long sleeves and long pants, shorts prefer. Watch out for insects and take preventive medicine. There is cholera in the country and so not worth the risk - drink only bottled water. It is sold everywhere. Official - French, but the most common language of the country - Malagasy. English - very few people know. If you own the French, it is best to bring along, though, phrasebook.