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History of Civilizations of the Americas

История цивилизаций Южной АмерикиNobody in the world has no doubt that sometime in the continent South America is a large Inca Empire, which included various tribes and nations. The number of inhabitants of civilization has been more than a few tens of million people, is the most studied an extinct civilization on earth. Of course, before the formation of the Inca Empire in South America there are many other civilizations, it borrowed a lot from them later formed the Inca Empire.
We now know that the first civilization in South America were born in the Andes, is one of the highest mountain systems on Earth. The unique location of the mountain range provides a wonderful climate. It is believed that the Andes were the most successful place for the development of tribes and civilizations.
The daily struggle for life, wonderful mountain air, the stunning beauty of the local and limited resources - these are the reasons because of what people living in the Andes have evolved. Gradually, descending from the Andes to more favorable conditions for the existence, the people of the mountains easily conquered the various nations, they impose their own customs and culture, as well as share their own knowledge. It was a historical process, and it is not surprising that the origins of the Inca Empire in Peru begin. Well, of course, most of the monuments of ancient civilizations have settled in here. This country is truly unique, both geographically, ethnically and culturally.
The earliest culture is considered to be Caral-Supe, is the name the Spaniards gave it, and the inhabitants of these places call it the Norte Chico. More ancient monuments on the territory of the mainland is not there. The most famous monument Bandurria about 3.5-5 thousand years.
Of course, the ancestors of the South Africans could not even dream of smartphones and Android service, Google Play, but the Incas were certainly no less high tech than that of modern civilization.