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The vibrant Latin in each dance has its own history

Latina is based on a mix of different motions of the most popular South American dance, so it is perfect for special parties and dances for the club. In addition to the provocative movements, which are the basis of Latin, the performance of this dance can demonstrate their sensuality and sophistication that allows his temper to show, thanks to drive Latin.

Latina emerged in the nineteenth century, when Latin America remained active by the Portuguese, Indians, Hispanics and African Americans. There was a mixture of cultures, styles of music were mixed, and this has led to the emergence of new directions in dance. - In the last century was the standardization of Latin, since you can enjoy the free and sensual, fiery and rhythmic beats.

Latin dance style is simple in execution, often resembles a beach dancing, so dance is appropriate almost everywhere, in nightclubs such movements looked particularly impressive. The thing is that the dance fun, rhythmic and lively, but that is exactly what needed to nightclubs. When you dance Latin, then in each dance you are living a new love story, which is full of passion. In the performance of Latino you have the ability to mix different Latin dance movements. There already is not important how much you studied dance before, the main thing - it's free to feel and expression, imbued with this spirit, then become a truly stunning Latin dance, from which you can get a real pleasure. The basic concept is the ability to use and correctly interpret the learned movements, which can form an incendiary mix.