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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Как передвигаться по ГайанеGeorgetown got its name after the country passed into the hands of the British in 1812. Name inherited from Form St. George was founded in the mouth of the Demerara as an outpost to monitor incoming and outgoing ships.

Like any capital city Georgetown is the center of political and economic activity in Guyana.

Most of the streets of Guyana form almost perfect rectangles, which are divided into the town (a legacy from the Danes), so that tourists can easily get from one place to another without the risk of getting lost in the process.

In other places around the country will be a bit more complicated.


By taxi:

In Guyana, a very well put a taxi service. Find a taxi can be everywhere in the city, and get a taxi at any place of the city and the suburbs of Georgetown.

Plan on most routes is fixed.

Throughout the city and shuttle Mini Bus, the fee for which is also fixed. At minibasikah can quite happily get to other cities. But do not forget that the Guyana country of many waters, and roads often lead to the ferries and bridges. And ferries have their own schedules, and bridges on a schedule to let the ships get divorced. So there is a risk of getting stuck near the bridge for a couple of hours.


On the water:

How to travel the roads of Guyana GayaneGlavnye River begins in the port of Parikia, on the east coast Demerara. Parikh has now become a major odnym centers of economic activity in Guyana. Hence the boats go to different parts of the country, such as in Bartik, or the many Resort Guyana, which are mostly located along the river banks.

You can hire a private motor boat, or wait for public transport ship.


By Air:

From the airport Ogli several local airlines fly regular flights in the interior regions of Guyana.

Information about the constantly changing routes to get at the airport, or on the phone.