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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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The combination of old and new in Brazil

South American countries are striking in their colorful diversity and identity, which is impossible to forget, only one visit at least one of them. South America is rich in cultural manifestations of the specifics of the various peoples, especially in Brazil, which attracts tourists from all over the world and gives extraordinary emotions during the carnival of luxury and colorful tour of the country. And in the rainy season and dry season - in Brazil there is always something to see. Penetrate into the culture of Brazil for a short vacation possible. It is difficult to understand the country in which so closely intertwined the old and new, religious and spiritual, universal and national.

Brazilians love to work, relax, and soccer. According to statistics from the Brazilians work the same hours as the Japanese and Germans. That is why in the world community takes pride of place, Brazil is considered a developed country in terms of industrial progress. But Brazil is also a country of paradoxes. Here, the old combined with new, and religion is intertwined with shamanism and paganism. Thus, a wedding, not only illuminates the Brazilian church, but also the local shaman. The country also has a few powerful religious cults.

But with the same passion with which they work, they are able to relax. Their favorite pastime is football, soap operas and carnival. Their only national passion - football is, they can play it all day. That is why the Brazilians are among the strongest football players. A special tone of Brazilians living creates a specific flavor of country and culture of people who inhabit it. Once long ago, the foundation of life of Brazilians were home business ideas - pottery, leather goods, jewelry and weaving household items. Now all these things are lasting interest for tourists.