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The rituals of fertility in South America.

The rituals performed for superior harvests were spread across the earth. The woman was the embodiment of a field or meadow, and a representative of strong sex & ndash-the personification of the seed. In ancient times, from the year whether or not fertile, depended on the prosperity and even the lives of entire villages, therefore fertility rituals taking place in various places of our great planet, whether it be cottage in Ukraine, home to Bali or a cabin in the wild jungle.

Is no exception and South America, a warm climate and free customs of the locals have made such celebrations of fertility in a rather peculiar and interesting action. The indigenous population of South America, these rituals linked with sexual relationships, which affected the disposition of the rituals. Before the holiday ripening pears ancient Peruvians for several days to fast and refrain from any relationship with the opposite sex.

In the first day of the ceremony by representatives of the sterner sex naked ladies and gathered together and ran races, then the stronger sex had sex with women who are caught. In the valley of the Amazon during the rite of fertility and the stronger sex representatives of the fairer sex of all ages to have sexual relationship with each other completely at random, in front of the whole population of the village. Do the inhabitants of Patagonia ritual intercourse was maintainable songs and dances, and older people to encourage young people to participate in orgies.
Such celebrations organized almost all Indian tribes of South America. In some places, these rituals have remained to this day.