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Suvarnabhumi - Bangkok International Airport.

Суварнабхуми - международный аэропорт Бангкока.

The first thing you see, arriving in the capital of Thailand - a great, almost cosmic building of the airport.
Suvarnabhumi - is not just a wonder of the world, it is also a masterpiece of modern architecture! Until recently, this airport was the largest in Asia. The entire complex consists of only one common terminal (here performed and international and domestic flights), which provides air passengers not leaving the airport building, move to another flight in minimal time.
The project to build the airport in Bangkok - the longest in the history of the world construction of airports. The idea of ​​its construction came in the last century, in 1960, and it opened only in 2006, on 28 September. The area of ​​the airport more than eight thousand acres, is located approximately five miles from the center of Thailand's capital, Bangkok. The entire airport complex - a great, giant aerial design of glass and metal. It is decorated in high-tech style with oriental highlights. The passengers granted the sunny, spacious, and very logically and intelligently designed space. The panel, the composition and even Buddhist pagoda enthrall you on the way, and the horizontal escalator, which can be easy and fun to travel throughout this vast complex, will make your travel easy and comfortable. Airport includes everything you need: you can buy tickets for long-distance flights, many different shops Duty Free, fly away where you can buy all the things that did not have time to buy in the journey, contact with relatives via Wi-Fi, just relax and have a snack in café. Getting to the airport of Bangkok feel part of the whole globe, fly here and fly passengers from all over our beautiful planet.
Beautiful architecture and interior all terminal creates not only a good impression, but also makes it easy and convenient to pass all necessary procedures for entry into the country, horizontal escalators allow ease to move along the length of the sleeves and at the same time to plunge into the exotic world of Thailand.
This is where arriving tourists can continue their journey to Thailand and beyond. The airport is connected by major highways with Bangkok, the nearest resort of Pattaya, you can fly from here to countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and many other countries.
Suvarnabhumi - it's almost the main gate in Southeast Asia!