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Tours in Calgary, Canada


Туры в Калгари, КанадаHeadlining tour in Canada to organize a snap. Must take care of transportation, accommodation, plan tours and cultural events. Online booking of air tickets to Canada will buy tickets at a bargain price. Also, through the Internet, you can book a room at the hotel. Network guide will not get lost in an unfamiliar city.
As for the holiday destination, it all depends on the purpose of the trip. If you prefer the comfort of a modern and passionate about the sport, it is recommended to go to Calgary. Fame this Canadian city has brought the Winter Olympics in 1988. From the moment a tourist attraction and its popularity is growing. The city recognized the most environmentally friendly in the world, is in the top 30 large cities in the world for quality of life.
In a multinational Calgary can be found even his countrymen. According to the number of immigrants this settlement is the third in Canada. For walking and recreation in Calgary beat 8,000 hectares of parks, there are 460 kilometers of alleys. Here is the purest water in the rivers and the dazzling blue sky overhead. Calgary got its name in honor of the Scottish Bay Calgary Bay. Second, the informal, the name - Texas to Canada.
Calgary attracts primarily historical past, including the city of cowboys and Indians. Here the special atmosphere of the Wild West, despite the fact that these places look like one of the most modern cities in the world. Culture and tradition in Calgary do not forget. Cowboy spirit is particularly felt during the annual "Stampede", regularly taking place for over 100 years. During the festival, all the residents, guests wear cowboy hat with a wide brim, leather pants, jackets in an appropriate style and plaid shirts and jeans.
Opens event parade prancing horses. The highlight of the event are the shepherds, which includes rodeo on horses, bulls, art, throw a lasso, tie ropes. Also pass racing carts, similar to those in the Wild West. Adrenaline during the festival literally in the air, literally intoxicating residents and visitors of Calgary. Popular in the city of Tours in the Indian village - restored village that recreates the life of the indigenous inhabitants of the territory on which the Calgary.
As entertainment, tourists can visit bars, restaurants, clubs, try yourself as a rodeo rider or participant on the "horses" from the tree on the remote control, drink whiskey and relax under the immortal country music. All conditions have been created here and for ecotourism. Calgary is often called the gateway of the Rocky Mountains. Skyscrapers downtown tower in the middle of the prairie. In their background are seen snowy mountain peaks.
Near Calgary is a popular holiday resort of Banff. Here come the lovers of outdoor activities. It offers in Banff skiing, rafting, snowboarding, horseback riding, hiking in the mountains. Surrounding landscape will leave no one indifferent. Mountain slopes covered with forests, beautiful in winter and summer.
You can stay in Calgary in hotels in different price categories. In the center of the open road luxury hotels. In residential areas are available in the comfortable hotel rooms near the park. Cost housing is much cheaper. On average, hotels in Calgary are 3-5 *. Cheap hotel booking site on the Internet can help solve the problem of housing is in preparation for the self-tour, and an opportunity to save money. And spend in Calgary will be on that.