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Sex and the cultures of the Indians of South America

Scientists of many countries in South America began extensive research culture of the indigenous inhabitants. As a result, studies are given to the general public, thereby causing the Indians to the culture of great interest.

Indians of South America is quite different in religion, customs and language. Among the different cultures were based on sex, marriage and sex. Lived in South America as dominated by men - patrilineal, and dominated by women - matrilineal tribes. Present models of trial marriages, polygamy, monogamy, etc. The various tribes are ambivalent about adultery, homosexuality, incest, violence, and no such thing as a dress on March 8. Associated with animals women, such as the jaguar or a snake.

Sex before marriage in some cultures frowned upon, for example, in the Carib, horoti, Aymara. But so were the cultures where prohibited premarital relationships, for example, or from Amani tereno. Marriages concluded in compliance with certain principles, compliance with age, sexual maturity, the consent of the leader or parent. Men married to impose the recognition of his feelings to his father a girl or a girl to confess. Also, a woman could choose her husband by dancing with him or recognize him in love, or started to work for a future husband. Marriages are also included, ranging from complete absence of the ceremony to the celebration the whole tribe.

Short affection were before sexual contact, but intercourse appreciated, of course, more. When intercourse positions were not the same type, most practiced poses, standing (the woman standing with a raised leg), sitting and side. We know the classical position was rare. There were different ethnic groups that prohibit or authorize analizm, oralizm or group sex.

Hard to create a single image of the sexual life of indigenous cultures in South America because of their large number. The only thing we can say that they all have in common, so it is a positive attitude toward sex and tolerance of different sexual activities. You can also say that men have more right to sexual freedom than women.